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A few novels to consider

The Pyramid  Ismail Kadare (Albania, 1992)

Set in the time of the first dynasties of Ancient Egypt, the novel describes the oppressive side of absolute political power. This is a parallel to the contemporary Albanian society and culture, which is still struggling with the remnants of the communist regime.

The Sunlight Lies Beyond  Justin Kurian (USA, 2011)

Justin Kurian's novel is a troubled American's journey to fight the inner demons of his past set in the early '90s Romania. The society he encounters is slowly emerging from the impact of communism. All the characters are struggling with the new order of things.

The Year of the Frog Martin Simecka (Slovakia, 1992)

Here's the story of a man sidelined by the communist regime because of his blacklisted parents. He is struggling to make his way in society and his personal life.

Celestial Harmonies Peter Eszterhazy (Hungary, 2000)

A family chronicle that spans several centuries in flashbacks in contrast with the 20th century Hungarian communist regime. The Eszterhazy family played an important role for centuries in the shaping of Eastern Europe and Hungary.

18% Gray Zachary Karabashliev (Bulgaria, 2008)

Set in the USA, the protagonist, Zack, remembers his past with his girlfriend, Stella, in late 1980s. His flashbacks take him through a series of adventures all across Europe.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex Oksana Zabuzhko (Ukraine, 1996)

The main character is on a path of self-discovery through post-communist Ukraine in search of freedom after breaking up with her friend. She also tries to discover what it means to be Ukrainian after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Cafe Europa: Life After Communism Slavenka Drakulic (Croatia, 1996)

The imprint of communism is still present in the mentality of the people even after the fall of it in Yugoslavia. This political reportage is filled with the author's personal views about the post-communist societies in Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light Ivan Klima (Czech Republic, 1993)

Pavel, the cameraman, is working for the state-run television station, dreaming about making a film one day. After the fall of communism he struggles to fulfill his dream in a seemingly free society.

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